How Does Email Marketing Work?

There are 4 specific processes involved in email marketing:

  1. Collection of Customer Email Address and other Details – Done via Capture Page.
  2. Customer Details are Added To An Email List With Other Customers.
  3. Emails are written and sent to Customers on The List.
  4. Sales are Made.

The first part of the process is usually achieved with a special page which is designed with a form on it. The customer sees the page, and decides to add their email address to the system, usually because they want to be kept informed about product releases and offers. This page is called a Lead Capture Page as it literally captures attention and email addresses.

Here is an example of a capture page:

The writing of the emails is usually done in advance. There are different types of emails, such as promotional ones and informational ones. Most businesses will send a mixture of both, often in the form of a newsletter.

Sending the emails is done automatically by a piece of software called an autoresponder. This is programmed to send the emails at a specific time.

When sales are made, the process is complete for the customer. However the business will look at results and decide how successful the campaign was. They will look at different things: The number of people who opened the email, the amount of clicks received on links, and of course the amount of revenue generated.