Using Timebucks

Timebucks has a lot of additional options available, but for this course we will focus on the ad clicks.

To find them, first click on the earn tab, then choose content. The ad clicks option will show at the top.

New ads are added to Timebucks throughout the day, so you might like to check in more than once, or keep the page open. You can have the ad viewer open in a new tab when working on a different page, and I use this option all the time. It means I can work on writing content etc while the timer is running. For this option I find it very useful to have the “Play sound when timer is finished” feature turned on.

Some days there are over 100 ads, so this allows me to view them all each day.

Most ads run just for 5 – 10 seconds, but sometimes they are longer. The amount earned for each ad click can vary as well.

The withdrawal level on Timebucks is currently $10, though it is possibly going to be lowered in 2023. If you work only on the ad clicks it will take quite a while to reach the payment level – I earn around $0.10 – $0.20 per day from the ad clicks on Timebucks. That being said, you can easily increase earnings via team building. I can often get a weekly payment without doing any additional earning tasks just because I have built a team on this site.

I will explain how to do that in a later lesson.