Using Ad Rev Split

This is a fabulous little site which has massive income potential all on its own. The reason it is so powerful is because it has a 4 level downline system. This means that you do need to work on getting some referrals, but when you do that your team can just grow and grow.

I am planning on reaching $10 per day of earnings with this site, and it takes me just 5 mins to complete the ad clicks daily.

How To Complete Ad Clicks on Ad Rev Split

When you have joined, log in and on the menu look for “Paid Links”. On that page you will see a list of links that you will get paid for clicking.

When you click on a link you will see a notification shown below. Sometimes you have to click to start the timer running and sometimes there is no timer. You will need to see the “credited” notification for funds to be added to your account.

Earning From Team Building

I have just started using this site recently myself, and below you can see my earnings and team growth.

You can see above that I have already reached over 500 team members, and I have earned over $30 from the ad clicks completed by my team.

There are various ways to get team members for this account, however the most effective method is to promote all 10 sites at the same time. I will teach you exactly how to do that after I have shown you how to use each account.

For now just log in and complete the ad clicks.