Getting Started With Email Marketing

When I first started working online, I was highly skeptical and extremely suspicious of pretty much anything that involved having to pay a fee in order to make money. In some ways this protected me from scams, but it also meant that it took me a very long time before I started working on email marketing. Thankfully there are now methods of getting started with email marketing, which are 100% free. I did not have that option. Long story, short, I wish I had started email marketing a lot earlier than I did. I recommend you start working on it today!

The site I suggest you use for email marketing is Leadsleap. After trying many others, this is the one that I think is best for various reasons. You can start using the free account at first, and upgrade when you are ready to do that.

I will explain step by step how to start email marketing today, without spending a penny.

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For email marketing you need to have 3 main things in place:

A Lead Capture Page – This is used to collect the email addresses that make up your list.

An Email List – This is the storage section where the email addresses are held.

Follow Up Emails – These are the main thing which are used to convert email subscribers into referrals or customers.

Lead Capture Page Instructions

Using Leadsleap you can create any lead capture page you want, however that is quite advanced if you are just getting started. Instead of creating your own capture page I will tell you how to get a copy of a page I have created into your Leadsleap account.