18th & 19th November 2022

I have really struggled the past few days, thanks to the return of the migraine. Its very frustrating as I am keen to get my courses running smoothly.

At the moment I am working on a little traffic planning as well as writing the courses. Getting the automated traffic up and running will give me the time I want to focus on adding content.

The first question I need to answer for this however is “Which page to promote?”

I have got multiple automated traffic sites ready to use, but am hesitating…… why? I don’t have any splash pages yet for my academy site. I could have the featured courses page open to the public and use that, or I can create various splash pages. The other alternative, which is actually the one I am most excited to use is the custom page that I can create via Pick and Profit. I need to sit and design that first…… A one page fits all plan!

While I am designing that page in the back of my head, I want to keep working on content.

Focus on the done for you affiliate course first. That will bring Pick and Profit and IPS into line.