16th November 2022

Sometimes I think I wish I could just empty my head out into a pen drive and let other people upload it. That way they would get all the knowledge that I am trying to pass on all at once. Of course there is always a risk of their heads exploding…… LOL!!

Writing courses is the next best thing, but they are also quite contained and don’t give the reader the full story. It is the difference between learning a theory, and the reality of the situation. I am hoping this online journal idea helps to bring things to life a bit more.

At the moment I am working on several projects all at once as usual. I don’t know if that is normal for others, but it is normal for me. My head jumps around with ideas that I need to test out.

The main things I am working on right now are:

Building Pick and Profit

Building IPS

As always the 2 things are linked. My plan is to write the Affiliate Marketing Done for You Course to encompass not only these 2 opportunities, but others as well.

Building Pick and Profit

As the first step of helping people to succeed as affiliate marketers, I chose Pick and Profit specifically because it allows people to focus on the main activity that affiliate need to learn – Lead Generation. I was rather surprised to learn that most people have no idea how to do this……and of course that explains a lot. Why did I not see this before? I honestly don’t know. Sometimes you get so past the point of learning something that it seems far too obvious for your brain to think about effectively.

So far the Affiliate Done for You Course has been well received. It is clear and easy to follow. This should help to bypass a lot of the problems that surround trying to teach others something that is not understood yet. Today I will focus on getting another lesson or 2 completed for that. I also need to update a little bit.

Building IPS

The other part of my plan is to include IPS in the course. Making sales of $50 – $300 that are instantly paid direct to the affiliate will boost confidence and income for my students by quite a lot. Its a great course in itself, but people are still struggling to get sales with it. The best way for me to help is to include it in the affiliate course. Adding my own twist to the process will give additional information on how to succeed with affiliate sales.

A big part of the problem I think is being able to show proof that it works. Proof of sales made….. which of course you can’t provide until you make a sale. The old catch 22 situation. I plan to help by making the first few sales for people. It will also allow me to document my exact process, as will this journal.

The first thing I did was to set up a Facebook group which will allow me to encourage the sales for everyone. I will also share this journal in the group.

Yesterday I invited 50 of my affiliate contacts to the group, as well as a few non affiliates who I thought would be interested. This of course gives me a big advantage because I have been building my contact list for years already. Is it going to work for my students to do the same thing? I don’t think so. Previous attempts at building Facebook groups have not been successful. I think I will use the group more as a means to help with the first few sales. Social proof is what works with IPS…..so that is the first hurdle that students need help to overcome.

So far I have 8 people who have purchased the course at $50 level or above. I want another 2 so I can keep a steady flow of progress long term.

3 sales made within a few hours of opening the group is great to show that this really can provide fast returns on investment. Will see if I can make the other 2 sales today.